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Volunteer in Madagascar with MRCI

Madagascar Research and Conservation Institute (MRCI) is a government approved organisation undertaking environmental research, community development and educational programs.  Madagascar Volunteer programs include teaching English, marine and forest conservation as well an island outreach.

Turtle Cove, the Madagascar Volunteer research centre located on Nosy Komba island, is the heart of MRCI and the home base for all MRCI programs.  Turtle Cove is nestled between a beautiful tropical forest and a pristine beach, overlooking Nosy Be and the world famous Lokobe Forest Reserve.  Just meters from Turtle Cove, Volunteers can experience incredible coconut tree fringed beaches with easy access to MRCI’s home coral reef, which we had recently declared a Marine Protected Area by the Department of Environment in conjunction with the local community and Department of Fisheries.

Blogs for a Brighter Future

Anti-Trafficking in Madagascar

Madagascar is a biodiverse paradise and its natural beauty is being threatened by mass deforestation and animal trafficking. MRCI Founder, David Bird, offered some insight in an interview regarding the necessary steps that local government have made to combat animal trafficking during the COVID pandemic. Check out the article Here.

Through long term monitoring in collaboration with a range of international partners, MRCI conservation programs aim to actively contribute to the preservation of the unique flora and fauna of Madagascar.  While our community programs are aimed at improving the lives of the Malagasy people in rural communities, our further aim is to communicate the importance of preserving the environment for future generations.
Over the past few years, MRCI Volunteers have played a vital role in improving the lives of many of the local inhabitants of Nosy Komba Island.  From the huge impact our English lessons have made, to our very successful conservation and community programs, our volunteers have been at the forefront.  None of this would have been possible without the valuable contribution from all the volunteers that have passed through Turtle Cove.

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