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Nosy Be Dojo Young Courage Challenge


MRCI’s very own financial manager, Franck Randimby, embarked upon an epic 110km challenge on Nosy Be with his dojo students. Franck and his students walked 110km around Nosy Be, with the journey lasting two and a half days.

Franck is the owner of the Tao Shi Bei Nosy Be Dojo and is the Kung-Fu Master, referred to as Sifu. The purpose of this challenge was to learn and practice survival skills. Qualities such as endurance and self-discipline were put to the ultimate test.


Franck and his students made do with only one meal in the evenings, forgoing breakfast and lunch. They didn’t have any specialized clothing, shoes or equipment. The rough conditions also included sleeping without any bedding or mattresses at night. Although, they were able to eat whatever fruit and vegetables they found along the way. 

They left Hellville on the Friday at 6pm, marking day one of their journey. After that they made their way toward Marodoka, Ambatozavavy, Fascene, Andimakabo, Mbombory, Bemagnondro Be, Antsakolagny, Andrianakonko, Mangirankirana. 


On day two they found themselves passing through Mahazandry, Ankalampo, Antsatrabevoa, Navetsy, Belamandy, Befotaka, Ampasindrava Befotaka, Mont Passot, Madiro, Antanamitarana, and Andilana.

On their third and final day they ventured toward Antsoha, Maromokotra, Orangia, Ambaro, Antsatrakolo, Ambodimangasoa, Dzamanjary, Ambondrogno, Madirokely, Diego lely, Jabala and then returned back to Hellville.


The demanding Nosy Be Challenge was enjoyed by all but not all were able to complete the task. On day one they were a group of 23 but ended the third day with 17. Next year we are certain all 23 will be able to complete the challenge.

For the next Nosy Be Young Courage Challenge we will incorporate a fundraiser event, including our volunteers and the local community. Check out our donations page to see what we are currently fundraising towards.

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anna - forest volunteer review

Forest Full of Wonders!

anna - forest volunteer review
Anna Vindenes
November 2018

I was volunteering in the forest project for 4 weeks and I thought it was amazing. During my time here I got to see wild lemurs, chameleons, and tons of snakes and geckoes. We would hike on Nosy Komba in the morning, these hikes are tough, but they are also beautiful and I think it was absolutely worth every mosquito bite and drop of sweat. I started studying my species before I got here, and that really helped me when I got to camp. It is so much more fun when you know what you are spotting in the forest and you also feel like you are making more of a difference.

The huts are basic, but that lets the ocean breeze in, which is nice on the warmer nights. The food is good and carb based. Most volunteers go to Hellville on Nosy Be over the weekends. From there you can go to different islands, see the sacred waterfalls and do some shopping, and much more.

Check out our Volunteer Forest Program

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Forest and Marine Review

isabelle - forest and marine volunteer review
Isabelle Hartmond
November 2018

I was both a forest and marine volunteer with MRCI, and enjoyed both programs immensely. Forest allowed me to explore the island, learning the paths between the villages, getting to see the best views of Nosy Komba and the surrounding land. Overall seeing so many cool things like large chameleons, wild lemurs, and bright green geckos. I really enjoyed the hiking and the constant go of the forest program.

The marine program was just as awesome. Diving everyday was a dream come true, especially on the beautiful reef right off the beach by camp. There are so many fish, coral, and reef creatures and being able to explore that reef, as well as learn the creatures on it (active swimmers for me) was amazing. Doing nudi surveys, baseline surveys, as well as getting my advanced open water certification here was so much fun and so easy to do.

The staff for both programs are super supportive as well and are a large part of the reason I enjoyed my time so much. I would definitely recommend either of these programs for anyone interested in nature, whether it is on land or in the sea, both forest and marine give you the satisfaction of seeing it all!

Check out our Volunteer Marine Program and our Volunteer Forest Program

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Life Changing Diving Team

erin - diving marine conservation 1
Erin Clutter
November 2018

Volunteering with the Madagascar Research and Conservation Institute has been a trip of a lifetime. Being able to dive at least once a day. There is a gorgeously healthy reef right out in front of camp. It has been an amazing way to spend 12 weeks. Being a part of the survey team, tracking the health of the reef over the years and working to make sure it stays protected is truly remarkable. The water conditions are gorgeous and the staff is so amazing. Some truly amazing divers who have shared so much knowledge to help improve my diving skills. The atmosphere was fun as well as serious. Safety is truly a top priority which isn’t something that you always find when it comes to diving. The overall experience here has been life changing in a very positive way.

Check out our Volunteer Marine Program and our Diving School

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MRCI Volunteer Well Fundraiser 1
BlogCommunity Development

MRCI Volunteer Well-Point Fundraiser

Clean Water for Ampoagna

Every so often, MRCI receives that exceptional volunteer. Someone who is passionately dedicated towards making a real difference here in Madagascar. Tim is one of them. Upon his return from volunteering, he took it upon himself to raise the necessary funds to construct a fresh water well in the village of Ampoagna. His story is truly inspiring, and we’d like to tell you about it.

Tim came to Madagascar as a volunteer on the MRCI Forest Conservation Program. During his four weeks, two separate events inspired him to set up this personal project. Island Outreach volunteers returned with the story about a small child who had fallen into the water pit in Ampoagna. Shedding light on the unfortunate lack of infrastructure experienced in the village. The second event was when Tim attended the opening of a renewed classroom. The classroom was funded by a former MRCI volunteer.

Learn More About MRCI’s Volunteer Community Development Program

This motivated Tim to set up a fundraiser towards a worthy cause in Madagascar. He then got in touch with MRCI founder, David. They discussed which project he would be able to take up upon his return to Germany. The construction of a proper well proved to be suitable, as this need was communicated with MRCI by the Ampoagna village elders.

Another fun fact about Tim, he has a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and spent two years working to raise money for cancer patients in Vancouver. He realised how people donate money with ease, knowing that it was going towards a worthy cause. This gave him the confidence to begin raising the necessary funds for the well.

However, fundraising for a project in a faraway country proved to be more challenging than expected. Fortunately, the legitimacy of MRCI, the well-defined cause and Tim’s past experience convinced the Leo’s Club, a charity society at his university, to make two generous donations. The total sum of around €2500 was promised by friends, family and private sponsors

In June 2018, the construction of the well was initiated. The gradual in-coming of donations helped to build the well over several months. Another factor to consider, is that Ampoagna is quite far out and isolated. Getting materials to and from the village can prove to be a challenge within itself. Rainy season has also stunted the progress. Once the weather clears up, we will continue to work on building a tower above the well. We also plan to add a solar pump, with a pipe going into the clinic and village.

We hope this story inspires other volunteers to take initiative in setting up a project they feel could be realised with the support of MRCI.

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