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Forest and Marine Review

isabelle - forest and marine volunteer review
Isabelle Hartmond
November 2018

I was both a forest and marine volunteer with MRCI, and enjoyed both programs immensely. Forest allowed me to explore the island, learning the paths between the villages, getting to see the best views of Nosy Komba and the surrounding land. Overall seeing so many cool things like large chameleons, wild lemurs, and bright green geckos. I really enjoyed the hiking and the constant go of the forest program.

The marine program was just as awesome. Diving everyday was a dream come true, especially on the beautiful reef right off the beach by camp. There are so many fish, coral, and reef creatures and being able to explore that reef, as well as learn the creatures on it (active swimmers for me) was amazing. Doing nudi surveys, baseline surveys, as well as getting my advanced open water certification here was so much fun and so easy to do.

The staff for both programs are super supportive as well and are a large part of the reason I enjoyed my time so much. I would definitely recommend either of these programs for anyone interested in nature, whether it is on land or in the sea, both forest and marine give you the satisfaction of seeing it all!

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Life Changing Diving Team

erin - diving marine conservation 1
Erin Clutter
November 2018

Volunteering with the Madagascar Research and Conservation Institute has been a trip of a lifetime. Being able to dive at least once a day. There is a gorgeously healthy reef right out in front of camp. It has been an amazing way to spend 12 weeks. Being a part of the survey team, tracking the health of the reef over the years and working to make sure it stays protected is truly remarkable. The water conditions are gorgeous and the staff is so amazing. Some truly amazing divers who have shared so much knowledge to help improve my diving skills. The atmosphere was fun as well as serious. Safety is truly a top priority which isn’t something that you always find when it comes to diving. The overall experience here has been life changing in a very positive way.

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