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Community BBQ

On Friday the 24th of August, our Community Volunteers were invited to a BBQ hosted by Silver, an Ampang Beginner student. Silver and his family hosted Eleven Volunteers and Five staff members for an incredible meal, and overall great afternoon!

Community BBQ

Our Community Manager Rojo, with the help of a few Community Volunteers, collected all the ingredients needed the day before and made sure everything was good to go the day of. On Friday Volunteers and Rojo brought everything over to Silver’s to get ready for the event. The rest of the Volunteers met up at Silver’s home at 11:30 and the preparation of the meal began! Chicken, potatoes, and salad were the main menu items so Volunteers got to work assisting Silver and his family with the grilling and preparation.

Community BBQ

Construction Officer Be brought his speaker so everyone was able to enjoy popular Malagasy songs as they cooked and ate. One of the highlights for the Volunteers was having the opportunity to interact with the locals in a new way. Our Community Volunteers spend every day working in the local communities as teachers and on construction projects, however they stated getting to spend time in the community in an informal setting was great. Silver also said the BBQ was a great way for him to practice his English outside of class.

Community BBQ

Once all the food was prepared everyone made a plate and relaxed, getting to converse with one another and enjoy incredible food. Silver’s family and the Volunteers did a great job making the meal and everything was delicious. After the meal was over and everything was cleaned up the Volunteers and staff thanked Silver and his family for having us over for an amazing day. Silver and the Volunteers agreed that they should definitely plan another BBQ in the future!

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